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How to Download Videos from the Internet in 4 Tested Ways

Here are 4 ways for you to download videos from the Internet. Check them in detail and you will know how to download video from any website.

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Quick Answer:
You can use one of the following tools to download videos from the Internet:

1. SurFast Video Downloader
2. PasteDownload Video Downloader
3. Video Downloader Professional (Extension)
4. Change URL

Although we are accustomed to watching videos online, it is not always suitable to do so, especially when the network is poor or the data is limited. In such cases, downloading videos from the internet is a good choice. After you download videos from the internet, you are able to enjoy them offline, at your own convenience and pace, without worrying about buffering or data usage.

If you want to watch videos freely, learn how to download a video from any website below using easy and proven tips:

Download Videos from the Internet Safely

Tool: SurFast Video Downloader

Using a link video download tool like Nabla Mind SurFast Video Downloader is the optimal choice if you need to download videos from the Internet frequently. This tool supports more than 1000 sites, enabling you to download game videos, news videos, educational videos, and more from various sites. Whether you want to download TikTok videos to PC or download YouTube videos on Mac, SurFast Video Downloader is here to help. More specifically, this tool can:

  • Download online videos and audio in customized format and quality by URL
  • Convert videos to MP3 or WAV (for some sites)
  • Download videos or audio in bulk
  • Download videos with subtitles and thumbnails (if available)

These features make it easy to download video from the Internet for offline watching. If you want software to download any video from any website, it’s the best pick.

To download videos from the Internet to computer:

Step 1. Launch SurFast Video Downloader, go to General to directly paste the video URL or head to Private to search for the target video, and then click Download.

Private Panel in SurFast Video Downloader

Step 2. Select the output option and click Download.

Set Output Settings

Step 3. After the video download is done, click Finished to view the video.

Download Video

Download a Video from the Internet Online

Tool: PasteDownload Video Downloader

Downloading video from the Internet is also practical using an online video downloader. If you want to download video from any website via Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers, you can try PasteDownload Video Downloader. It supports video downloads from 500+ websites, covering YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

If you want to download HD videos from websites without any software for free, using this online video download tool will satisfy your needs well.

To download a video from the Internet online:

Step 1. Copy the video address from the website.

Step 2. Go to the online video downloader, paste the video URL, then click Download.

Step 3. Click Download under the option you like.

Step 4. On the new Window, right-click the video and choose Save Video As.

Step 5. Select a folder to save the video and click Save to start downloading the video from the Internet to your computer.

PasteDownload Video Downloader

You can get more ways to download video from URL to get videos easily.

Download Internet Video via Browser

Tool: Video Downloader Professional

Have you ever wanted a way to download Internet videos without copying the URL? If you do, you will like downloading video from the Internet using a browser extension like Video Downloader Professional. Although it does not support as many websites as the tools mentioned earlier, if you only occasionally need to download online videos, using this tool is very convenient and time-saving. If you are willing to download video from browser, follow the steps below:

To download Internet videos via a browser:

Step 1. Go to the extension store to search and add Video Downloader Professional to your browser.

Step 2. Pin the add-on to the toolbar and restart the browser.

Step 3. Go to the website you want to download video from and play the targe video.

Step 4. Click the extension icon from the toolbar and click Download next to the option you need.

Step 5. Choose a folder to save the video and then the video download will start.

Video Downloader Professional for Chrome

Download Video from the Internet by Changing URL

Downloading video from the Internet by changing URL is actually the same as using an online video downloader. By changing the URL, the website will switch to an online video downloader and load the video for you automatically. However, such a method generally works on one site only. For example, by adding pi to the YouTube video URL, you can download the video from YouTube website easily However, this method is not suitable for other sites.

For more details, you can check the guide on how to download YouTube videos by changing URL.

FAQs on Downloading Video from the Internet

When you download a video from the Internet, you may also want to know:

How to download a video from Chrome?

You can use one of the following tools to download a video from Chrome:
1. SurFast Video Downloader
2. PasteDownload Video Downloader
3. FastSaveNow Online Video Downloader
4. 4K Video Downloader
5. JDownloader

How to download videos directly from the Internet?

You can use an online tool like PasteDownload Video Downloader to save vieos directly from the Internet:
1. Copy and paste the video URL to the video download website.
2. Click Download and click Download again under the option you need.
3. Right-click the video and select Save Video As to save the video to your computer.

What websites can you download videos from?

For your personal use, you can download videos from websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flickr, and more.

Wrapping Up

These are all the popular ways to rip videos from the Internet. For you to make a better decision:

  • If you prioritize speed and stability, you should use a desktop video downloader.
  • If you like a convenient way, using an online video or browser extension is suggested.
  • If you only want to download videos from one site, you can learn how to download videos from that site by changing URL to capture videos directly from the website.

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