Myra Xian

Myra Xian is a seasoned editor with 7 years of writing experience. She specializes in writing articles related to iOS and multimedia, and has helped many people solve related problems.

To the reader

“Hello dear reader, this is Myra. I’m glad we can meet through words. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback regarding my articles, please feel free to contact me through my email myraxian[#] (replace [#] with @). I would be more than happy to hear from you.”


Myra joined EaseUS Software in March 2017 and began her seven-year career as an editor, accumulating rich personal experience and technological knowledge during her tenure. Her main writing focus was on iOS and multimedia fields. In April 2023, Myra left EaseUS Software and embarked on a new journey at Nabla Mind, hoping to continue providing users with more useful information.


Myra graduated from Sichuan Normal University in 2016, majoring in Informational Technology and minoring in English. She earned two bachelor’s degrees in these fields. Therefore, her pursuit of English writing in the technology field is not accidental. She is passionate about combining her education and language skills to create informative and engaging content for readers.


Myra is an avid reader who enjoys a wide range of subjects, including natural sciences such as astronomy, as well as literature. She believes that science can save lives, while literature can save souls.

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