SurFlex Screen Recorder:
Must-Have Screen Recorder for PC & Mac

Experience seamless screen recording like never before with SurFlex Screen Recorder – the ultimate screen recorder for PC and Mac. With SurFlex, you can effortlessly capture high-quality video and audio from your screen, app, window, webcam, and microphone, all without the hassle of watermarks.

Nifty Screen Recorder: Do More Than Record Screen

As a comprehensive screen recorder, SurFlex Screen Recorder enables you to capture everything you need, including your screen, webcam, system audio, and microphone – without missing a beat from any of your audio or video sources.

  • Record Screen
  • Record Webcam
  • Record Computer Audio
  • Record Microphone
  • Record Screen

    This screen recording software provides various recording modes, allowing you to capture the full screen, a selected portion of the screen, an app window, or even a game on your Windows or Mac. In other words, it ensures that you don’t miss any part of the screen you wish to capture.

    Record Screen

    Record Webcam

    Whether you are going to record webcam only or record webcam and screen on your computer, this free screen recorder will do you a favor. When you want to record a video of yoursellf on laptop or desktop, you can use this feature to achieve your goal.

    Record Webcam

    Record Computer Audio

    Whenever you need to record computer audio, including all audio from any of your computer’s programs, such as the audio from your system, a browser, an app, or a game, this screen recorder app will get your needs met perfectly.

    Record System Sound

    Record Microphone

    It’s no doubt that this computer screen recorder also works to record external sound from your computer, making it easy for you to record external sound, internal sound, or both without strain. When you need to record screen with audio on Windows or Mac, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

    Record Microphone

    All-purpose Screen Recorder: Suitable for Various Scenarios

    This versatile screen recording tool is suitable for various recording scenarios, making it easy for you to perform screen recording, presentation recording, Zoom recording, and more.

    Record Meeting
    Record Games
    Record Steaming Video
    Record Websites
    Record Presentation
  • Record Meeting: Record Zooming meeting, record Google meeting, record Teams meeting…
  • Record Gameplay: Record Minecraft, record WOW, record LOL…
  • Record Streaming Video: Record streaming video from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more
  • Record Websites: Record YouTube, record Netflix, and so on.
  • Record Tutorials: Record presentations, record training videos, record lectures…
  • Enhanced Screen Recording Experience: More Advanced Features

    Discover a more advanced screen recording experience with our software, which offers a range of enhanced features to help you capture and edit your screen recordings with ease.

    Rich Video Output Formats

    You can easily save your recordings in various resolutions and frame rates as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and other formats.

    Various Audio Output Formats

    You can record audio on both Windows and Mac and save it in different bitrate levels as an MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, or FLAC file. Whether you want to record from YouTube to MP3 or capture streaming audio in WAV, it will help.

    Convenient Screenshot Functionality

    During the recording, you can take screenshots of your computer and easily save these images.

    Customizable Shortcut Settings

    You can set screen recording-related shortcuts according to your preferences and easily record your screen on your PC or Mac without any hassle.

    Save a Separate Audio File

    The feature allows you to save a separate audio file while recording the screen. This means that after completing the screen recording, you will have both the complete video file and a separate file containing only the audio. 

    Auto-Stop Recording

    Automatically stop the screen recording when the specified file size or recording time is reached, providing you with greater control over your recordings and helping to conserve storage space.

    Screen Recording Software Edition Comparison

    Compare the differences between the free and pro versions of the screen recorder and pick the version that suits your needs better.

    Trial Version

    Paid Version

    Each recording duration



    The duration of each recording saved

    1 Minute


    Auto-stop recording

    GPU acceleration

    Extract audio from recordings

    Save an additional audio file during the recording

    Record audio (internal & external)

    Record gameplay

    Record app/window

    Record camera

    Record multi-screen (one screen at a time)

    4K video recording

    Take screenshots

    Customize frame rate

    How to Record Screen: Step-by-Step Guide

    Follow the simple steps below to record screen on computer to capture video and audio freely. You can get more details from SurFlex Screen Recorder Online Help.

    SurFlex Screen Recorder Settings

    Step 1.

    Launch SurFlex Screen Recorder on your computer and click Settings to set up your recording preferences.

    Select Recording Region on Mac

    Step 2.

    Select a recording mode, including Record Screen, Record Webcam, and Record Audio, and then set up the webcam recording and the audio input option.

    SurFlex Screen Recorder Mac

    Step 3.

    When you are ready, click REC to start the recording.

    Recording Mac Screen

    Step 4.

    When you are done, click the Stop button and then check your recording in the popup window.

    Tech Spec

    Supported OS:

    • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11
    • macOS 10.15 and later

    Supported languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, PT, ZH-TW, ZH-CN.

    What’s New

    New updates in SurFlex Screen Recorder:

    • Optimized user experience
    • Optimized UI

    FAQs on Screen Recorder