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5 Ways to Download TikTok Videos on Any Device in 2024

To save TikTok videos for offline watching, you can try the 4 ways outlined in the blog to download TikTok videos.

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Quick Answer:
When you want to download TikTok videos for offline viewing or learning purposes, you can try the following methods to download a TikTok video.

1. Use TikTok app
2. Use SurFast Video Downloader
3. Use SnapTik
4 .TikTok Downloader App 
5. TikTok Downloader Extension

You may want to download a TikTok video on PC and mobile devices for offline viewing, reposting with permission, or future reference now and then. However, the TikTok app doesn’t offer downloads to all videos posted on the platform. How can you download any video from TikTok?

In this blog, we will show you five ways to download TikTok videos, with or without a watermark.

How to Download TikTok Videos in 5 Ways 

Here are 5 ways you can try to download TikTok videos. You can download videos from TikTok using the app itself, online TikTok video downloaders, desktop TikTok video downloaders, TikTok downloader extensions, or TikTok downloader apps. Each option requires different tools and steps, so we’ll guide you through the process for each one. Let’s get started!

1. TikTok App (Mobile Devices and Web)

The most convenient way to download a TikTok video is to use the download option provided by TikTok. This approach is applied to some TikTok videos only when uploaders allow their TikTok videos to be downloaded. By this way, you can download TikTok videos with a watermark. Here is how to download TikTok videos from the app using the Save video option.  

On Mobile Device 

Step 1. Open TikTok on your iPhone or Android and find the video you want to save. 

Step 2. Tap on the Share icon (the white arrow icon) at the left bottom side.

Step 3. Find the Save video option and tap on it. The video will be automatically saved to your gallery or camera roll. 

Save videos from TikTok app

On a PC or Web

Step 1.  Go to and find the video you want to save.

Step 2.  Play the video and right-click on the video screen. 

Step 3.  Click Download video and Save to keep the TikTok video on your device. 

Download TikTok videos from web

If you don’t see the Save video option or the option is greyed out, then the video is not downloadable and you may turn to the methods we illustrated in the following content. 

2. SurFast Video Downloader (Windows and Mac)

SurFast Video Downloader is one of the secure and fast TikTok video downloaders available on Windows and Mac. The downloader allows you to download any TikTok video by link, regardless of the permission settings. The TikTok downloader not only enables you to download TikTok videos in HD and 4K, but also lets you download TikTok audio if you want. It can convert TikTok videos to MP4, MP3. WAV, or GIF. 

Besides TikTok, SurFast Video Downloader also supports grabbing content from 1000+ websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and SoundCloud. Below are some popular features you would be interested in.

Now let’s show you how to download TikTok videos by link and without ads using SurFast Video Downloader 

Step 1. Prepare the TikTok link, open SurFast Video Downloader, and press Ctrl + V or Cmd + V.

Launch SurFast Video Downloader and paste the video link.

Step 2. Select your desired download option and click Download.

Set Video Output Settings

Step 3. After the app successfully downloads the TikTok video, check it in the Finished panel.

Download Short Video

3. Snap Tik (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android)

SnapTik is a free online TikTok video downloader that helps you download TikTok videos quickly and easily. With SnapTik, you can download TikTok video in MP4 format to watch it offline or share it with friends. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Windows PC, MacBook, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet, as SnapTik is accessible from any device. Simply copy and paste the URL of the TikTok video you want to download, and you’re good to go! With SnapTik, you can download TikTok videos without watermark to watch offline or share with friends.

See below for detailed operations.

Step 1. Visit SnapTik from a browser on your device. 

Step 2. Go to TikTok to play the video you want to save, and click Share > Copy link to get the video URL. 

Step 3. Paste the TikTok video URL into SnapTik.Clikc Download.

Step 4. Click the download option to save the TikTok video to your device. 

Download TikTok videos with SnapTik

SnapTik allows you to save TikTok videos easily. While ads may appear on the page or after you click the download button, ignoring them can help minimize any negative impact.

4. TikTok Downloader App (Android)

If you are an Android user, you can find some TikTok video downloader apps from third-party app stores. Here one of the downloader apps available is Video Downloader for TikTok. With it, you can save TikTok videos in a phone gallery and watch them offline anytime, without providing your TikTok login information. You can download TikTok videos in HD quality or convert TikTok to MP3 via this app.

See below to find out how to download TikTok videos using a TikTok downloader app. Before you continue, you can search and download the app (Video Downloader for TikTok) from Soft112 or Uptodown.

Step 1. Download and install the app on your phone. Open it.

Step 2. Go to the TikTok app and play the video you want to save. Tap the Share button and select Copy link to get the TikTok video URL.

Step 3. Tap Paste link and Download to add the URL. Then tap on Download to start grabbing the video.

Step 4. Wait for the process to complete. Then you can go to My Downloads and phone gallery to check the downloaded TikTok video. 

Video Downloader for TikTok, no watermark

You can find more blogs on how to download YouTube videos on Android without Premium and how to download YouTube videos on iPhone without Premium if you want to enjoy more videos offline on your iPhone or Android device.

5. TikTok Downloader Extension (Not Available)

We regret to inform you that we have been unable to find a functional TikTok video downloader extension for Chrome. We have tried installing approximately 10 extensions that we found through Google or the Chrome Web Store/Firefox Browser ADD-ONS, but none of them have provided us with a download option when using the TikTok website. We will continue to search for a solution and will update you if we find a viable option.

Here we have collected some Firefox YouTube downloaders in our past blog.


There are multiple ways to download videos from TikTok. The most common ways are to download TikTik videos from the app and using online and desktop TikTok video downloaders. If you want to download TikTok songs or audio only, you can use online and desktop tools. If you find our article helpful, please share it on social media to help others.

How to Download TikTok Videos: FAQs

1. Can I download a TikTok downloader app from App Store?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Downloading videos and audio is not allowed by the App Store, so apps that offer this feature are not approved. If you want to download TikTok videos, you can try an online tool. Alternatively, you can download videos from TikTok using SurFast Video Downloader on your computer and then transfer them to your iPhone.

2. Can you save a TikTok video without the TikTok?

Yes, you can download some TikTok videos using the app, but the blog explains additional methods for downloading any TikTok video. Please note that downloaded TikTok videos should only be used for personal use and commercial use is not allowed without the permission of the copyright holder.

3. Can I download TikTok videos in high quality?

Yes, you can download TikTok videos in original quality up to 8K by using a desktop TikTok downloader such as SurFast Video Downloader. Additionally, certain online downloaders also offer the option to download TikTok videos in 1080p.

4. Why not all videos on TikTik are available for downloading?

TikTok allows users to control the downloading settings of their videos, and some may choose to disable downloading to prevent their content from being misused. That’s why you find some TikTok videos without the save button. 

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