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How to Easily Convert YouTube Videos to MP4 Format

If you want to convert YouTube videos to MP4, you can use SurFast Video Downloader and Y2Mate, or edit the YouTube video URL to save it.

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Quick Answer:

1. You will find 3 best ways to download YouTube videos to MP4.
2. These 3 methods are all ad-free.
3. You can either paste the video URL or edit the video URL to save a video to MP4.

Are you tired of buffering videos on YouTube when the network connection is poor? To have a smooth video viewing experience, downloading YouTube videos in MP4 for offline watching will be a good solution. 

This blog explains the three best ways to download YouTube videos in MP4. Whether you want to watch YouTube videos offline, save them for future reference, or download YouTube videos to edit them, you will get your demands fulfilled after checking the methods listed below.

Convert YouTube to MP4 with SurFast Video Downloader 

It is simple and effective to download YouTube videos in MP4 on a PC with SurFast Video Downloader. SurFast Video Downloader is designed to download videos from websites and social media platforms including YouTube. With it, you can easily download videos from various platforms for offline viewing or editing in a few clicks.

SurFast Video Downloader is equipped with some advanced downloading options like batch downloading, audio extracting, thumbnails downloading, and subtitle grabbing. Furthermore, the tool is ad-free and provides high downloading speed, providing you with an ultimate video-capturing experience.

Steps to download YouTube videos in MP4 with SurFast Video Downloader.

Step 1. Launch SurFast Video Downloader and then paste the YouTube URL by pressing Ctrl + V (or Cmd + V on Mac) or clicking Paste URLs.

Launch SurFast Video Downloader and paste the video link.

Step 2. Select MP4 as the output format and choose the video resolution you prefer. When you are ready, click Download.

Choose video format and quality

Step 3. When the YouTube video has been successfully downloaded, click Finished to check the MP4 file.

Video Download Process

Apart from converting YouTube to MP4, you can also convert YouTube link to MP3 with SurFast Video Downloader.

Download YouTube Videos in MP4 by Editing the URL

Here we just found a way to download YouTube videos in MP4 or MP3 by editing the URL. Using this way, you can save YouTube videos in MP4 without installing anything. In addition, there is not any ads or redirects. It is an excellent way to download a single YouTube video. Figure out how to convert a YouTube URL into an MP4 video in the following content. 

Step 1. Open the video you want to download from YouTube. 

Step 2. Edit the YouTube videos’ URL by adding “vvv” before “.com” and hit the Enter key.

Original URL:

Edited URL:

Step 3. After you tap the Enter key, it will switch to a page on Select the resolution for the MP4 video (an upgrade is required to download videos in 1080p or higher quality). Click “Download” and select a path on your computer to store the downloaded YouTube MP4 video. 

Now you just need to wait for the downloading to complete. Apart from converting YouTube videos to MP4, it also converts YouTube to MP3. What attracts me most is that the online video downloader is completely clean, without any ads. 

Edit an URL to download a YouTube video

Download YouTube Videos in MP4 with Y2Mate

Another approach that is widely used to download YouTube videos in MP4 is to use an online YouTube to MP4 converter. Y2Mate is one of the best free YouTube downloaders on the Internet. You can download YouTube videos for free without any signup. All you have to do is to put the YouTube link in the search box and click the download button.

Step 1. Open Y2Mate on a browser on your computer.

Step 2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to save. Paste it into the search bar of the Y2Mate. Click the button Start.

Step 3. The online YouTube MP4 downloader will analyze the link and fetch the video from YouTube. Click the convert button next to the quality you want to save.

Step 4. It will take a while before a download button appears. Click the download button to download the YouTube videos to your computer in MP4. 

Convert YouTube to MP3 with Y2Mate

Y2Mate has an additional feature to enable you to download a YouTube video by changing its URL. You can add “pi” after “youtube” in the video URL. The way is similar to the second method we demonstrated above. It does work. 

You may get the error message “Something went wrong, please try again later.” This is a common issue you may encounter with an online YouTube to MP4 downloader. Y2Mate is still a good online YouTube video downloader as it is free, bringing you a much better user experience. 

You can find more online YouTube video downloaders in the blog on how to download YouTube videos without any software.

The bottom line

The blog collects the three best ways for you to download YouTube videos to MP4. The three tools are carefully selected from the ocean of tools to ensure you have a good user experience. Hope you will like it.

FAQs on Download YouTube Videos to MP4

1. Do I have to sign up to download a YouTube video?

No, you don’t have to. You don’t need to sign in to your YouTube account or YouTube to MP4 downloader to download YouTube videos. However, these are some tools that require for signup to complete video downloading or download YouTube videos in 1080p, like

2. Is there any free ways to download YouTube videos?

Yes, you can download YouTube videos with some video downloaders. For example, SurFast Video Downloader allows you to download 2 videos per day. You can download unlimited videos for free with Y2Mate. 

3. Can these use the three video downloaders to download audio from YouTube?

Yes, SurFast Video Downloader, YouTube downloader, and Y2Mate video downloader can be used to download YouTube audio or convert YouTube videos to MP3. 

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