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2 Ways to Download Facebook Live Video

Whether you intend to download Facebook live video from your own account or someone else's, you will get the answer here.

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Quick Answer:
You can save Facebook live videos to your computer by using SurFast Video Downloader or the built-in download feature. The third-party Facebook live downloader allows you to download any live video from Facebook to your computer. Just copy and paste the video link to the tool, select the output format, and then click Download to save the streaming video to your device.

Facebook is one of the popular platforms for sharing live content, such as events, performances, interviews, and more. Thus, it’s not strange that you may want to download Facebook live video at one time or another. If that’s what you want, read on to check the details.

Can You Download a Facebook Live Video

Yes, you can download a live video from Facebook to your computer. There are both built-in features and third-party Facebook video downloader tools available. Whether you are going to save a Facebook live video from your account or someone else’s, you can get it done with ease.

Note: If you want to save Facebook streaming videos to your iPhone or Android device, check the guide on how to save Facebook live video to phone instead.

Download Facebook Live Video from Someone Else

Tool: SurFast Video Downloader

If you are going to download a Facebook live video from someone else, it’s necessary to apply a third-party Facebook live download tool such as Nabla Mind SurFast Video Downloader. With it installed on your computer, you will be able to:

Therefore, you can easily download Facebook live video to computer in high quality with the help of this tool.

Besides, since SurFast Video Downloader supports numerous sites, you can also use it to download YouTube live streams or save streaming videos or audio from other websites or platforms.

Note: By default, SurFast Video Downloader will download the entire Facebook live video until it ends. However, if necessary, you have the option to manually stop the video download at any time and save the portion that has been downloaded.

To download a Facebook live video to your PC or Mac:

Step 1. Copy the Facebook live video link, launch SurFast Video Downloader, and then paste the URL.

Launch SurFast Video Downloader for Windows

Step 2. Set up the output settings according to your needs and then click Download.

Select video quality

Step 3. Wait for the video download to finish and then check the video in the Finished panel.

Video download starts

In short, SurFast Video Downloader deserves a try whether you want to download a Facebook live to MP4 or convert a Facebook live to MP3.

Save a Facebook Live Video from Your Account

Tool: Facebook

Facebook provides a built-in download option that allows you to save live videos from Facebook directly to your computer. This feature makes it easy and convenient for you to download your own videos in MP4 format. Depending on your preferences, you can save a video from Facebook through your profile, your Page, or Meta Business Suite.

To save a live video from Facebook via your profile:

Step 1. Go to Facebook, click Account, and choose your profile.

Step 2. Click the Videos tab and find the live video you want to save.

Step 3. Click the Edit icon on the video and choose Download HD or Download SD.

Download Facebook Live Video from Its Website

Download a streaming video from Facebook from your Page:

Step 1. Go to your Page on Facebook.

Step 2. Select the Live tab and click the video you want to download.

Step 3. Click the More option (three dots) and choose Download Video.

Download Facebook Live Video from Profile

Save Facebook live videos from Meta Business Suite:

Step 1. Head to Meta Business Suite and choose Content.

Step 2. In the Post & reels section, find the live video you want to save.

Step 3. Click the three dots and choose Download SD or Download HD.

Wrapping Up

SurFast Video Downloader not only assists in downloading videos from Facebook but also facilitates the extraction of audio from Facebook videos. Therefore, it is regarded as a superior option for streaming video downloads.

Furthermore, apart from downloading Facebook videos directly, you also have the option to record live on Facebook to capture the specific content you require. This approach is recommended when you only need to download a portion of the Facebook live video, as it is more convenient and time-saving.

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