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Can you record Discord calls?

Want to record and archive a Discord call on your device? Check whether it is possible and how to do it on your computer or phone.

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“Can I record Discord calls on my PC? If I can, are there any recommended tools for Discord recording?”

You can record Discord calls using a screen recorder or audio recorder. Whether you are going to record Discord video or audio, there are handy tools available. Depending on the device you use, the suitable solution for you varies.

To record Discord videos or audio on a computer, you can try SurFlex Screen Recorder. This tool works to record any section of your screen with audio, allowing you to record Discord calls with audio on your PC or Mac in high quality. Besides, it provides audio recording features for you, allowing you to record Discord audio without any hassle.

To record Discord video on iPhone or Android, you can use the built-in screen recorder, which can be accessed in the control panel. However, since there is no mobile app for recording internal audio on your phone, it’s advisable to record Discord audio using a computer.

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