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Can OBS record audio only? [Quick Answer]

Can OBS record audio only? You will get the fast answer in this post and learn how to do it with detailed steps.

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“I know OBS performs well for screen recording. But I’m going to record Discord audio and not sure whether it can capture just audio. Can OBS record audio only?”

No, OBS can’t record audio only. Although OBS supports various audio recording sources, such as application audio, desktop audio, microphone, and more, its recordings are saved in video by default. Even if you only select audio sources to record, the recorded file is a video file. If you want to save the recording in an audio format, you need to further convert the video recording to audio using a video to audio converter, such as CloudConvert.

Therefore, when you want to record audio only on your computer, it’s advisable to try a tool that has an audio recording feature, such as SurFlex Screen Recorder. Its Record Audio mode allows you to record audio on PC or Mac in your preferred format and quality. Whether you plan to record system sound, microphone, or both, it will be helpful. When you need to capture Discord audio, streaming audio, or game only, it will come in handy.

To record audio only without OBS Studio:

Step 1. Download and install SurFlex Screen Recorder on your computer.

Step 2. Select Record Audio and select the audio recording option you need.

Step 3. Click REC.

In addition, you can try Audacity, the freeware for audio recording, to capture either system sound or microphone audio on your computer without any cost.

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