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Why can’t I record audio on PowerPoint via microphone?

Why can't I record audio on PowerPoint? If you have the same question, read this post to get the answer and learn how to capture audio.

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“Why can’t I record audio in PowerPoint? I want to add a voice-over to my PPT file and I’m using the built-in record feature in PowerPoint. However, it doesn’t seem to work.”

If you can’t record audio in PowerPoint, it’s probably because you haven’t set up the microphone or you have disallowed the PowerPoint app from accessing your microphone. To fix the issue, first, make sure your built-in or external microphone works properly and then allow apps to access your microphone via system settings:

  1. Click the Start menu and choose Settings.
  2. Choose Privacy & Settings.
  3. In the App Permissions section, choose Microphone.
  4. Enable the Microphone access option.
  5. Under Let apps access your Microphone, toggle on the switch for Powerpoint.

By doing so, you can capture audio in PowerPoint successfully.

Additionally, you can try a third-party audio recorder like SurFlex Screen Recorder to capture internal audio, external audio, or both on your computer and then add the recording to your PowerPoint.

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