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Can you record YouTube live?

You will know how can you record YouTube live streams on your computer or mobile phone for later playback or sharing.

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“My favorite YouTuber is going to broadcast for the first time, and of course, I want to save the live stream on my phone. Can I screen record a YouTube live stream?”

Yes, you can record YouTube live no matter whether you are using a phone or computer.

Both iPhone and Android have a built-in screen recording feature that helps to record your screen and internal audio, making it easy to screen record a YouTube live stream on your mobile device. As for computer users, there are many third-party screen recorders available for help, such as SurFlex Online Screen Recorder. It allows you to record a browser tab with audio, perfectly fulfilling your needs for recording YouTube live streams.

Additionally, there are YouTube live downloaders that can successfully download YouTube live streams. One of them is SurFast Video Downloader. It helps to capture a YouTube live stream while they are still streaming and saves the video in high quality. It’s more straightforward to use such a tool to save a YouTube live video.

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