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Can you record Google Meet for free?

You will know how can you record Google Meet for free using different types of tools on your computer or mobile device.

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“Is there any free tool that can help me record Google Meet for free? Although Google offers recording options, it’s only available for these paid Google Workspace editions. I want a free solution for recording Google meetings.”

You can record Google Meet for free using a free third-party screen recorder. Depending on the device you use, the recommended tool for you varies.

If you use a computer, be it a Mac or PC, you can use one of the free video recorders below to record Google meetings for free:

SurFlex Online Free Screen Recorder: the 100% free online screen recorder that helps to record Google Meet for free, without any watermark or time limit.

OBS Studio: the free, open-source, and cross-platform screen recorder that allows you to record any part of your screen with audio, including recording Google meetings.

ShareX (Windows only): the freeware for screen recording and taking screenshots, helping to record any selection of your screen.

If you use Google Meet on your phone, be it an Android or PC, you can directly use the built-in screen recorder to capture a meeting in Google Meet for free without any third-party app.

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