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How long does it take for a Google Meet recording to show up?

You will know how long it takes for Google Meet recordings to appear and where to find Google Meet recordings on your computer.

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“How long does it take for Google Meet recordings to appear? I’ve ended the Google Meet recording for hours and it is still unavailable in my Google Drive.”

Generally, a Google Meet recording will show up in My Drive > Meeting recordings in a few hours. But depending on the length and content of the content, it may take at most 24 hours to process the recording.

If you need to access the Google Meet recording immediately after the meeting ends, you should use a third-party video recorder like SurFlex Screen Recorder. Such a tool helps to record and save Google meetings to your computer and allows you to access the meeting recordings right after you stop the recording. What’s more, unlike Google Meet, which saves videos to cloud storage, SurFlex Screen Recorder allows you to customize the storage folder and you can save the recordings to any folder on your PC or Mac.

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