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Can Teams record audio only during a meeting?

If you are wondering "can Teams record audio only," you will get the answer in this post and learn how to extract audio from a Teams meeting.

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“Since a video recording takes up more space and needs a long time to be downloaded, I want to capture only audio from Teams. Can Teams record audio only during a meeting?”

If you use the built-in recording feature in Microsoft Teams, you can’t record just audio on Microsoft Teams. Teams will capture audio, video, and the shared screen by default. However, you can easily record Teams audio only using a third-party screen recording tool like SurFlex Screen Recorder. It has an audio recording feature that can capture internal audio, microphone sound, or both on a PC or Mac, making it easy to save audio from a Teams meeting.

To record audio only on Teams:

  1. Download and install SurFlex Screen Recorder on your computer.
  2. Choose the Record Audio mode and select System Sound.
  3. Start or join the Teams meeting and click REC.

Whether you are the meeting organizer or guest, you can use this method to capture audio from a meeting.

It’s worth noting that while recording a meeting, it’s advisable to record system sound only, which allows you to capture your and others’ voices. If you enable both system sound and microphone, there will be echoes in the audio recording.

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