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Can Audacity record video?

Can Audacity record video? Get the instant answer from this post and learn how to record video on your computer.

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“Can Audacity record video? I’m looking for freeware for recording videos on PC and are not sure whether Audacity can do it.”

No, Audacity can’t record video. Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor that mainly helps to record computer audio, and microphone sound, and edit audio tracks on your computer. It has no video recording feature that allows you to record videos on your device. Therefore, when you need to record videos on a PC or Mac, you need other tools instead of Audacity.

A worth-trying free tool for video recording is OBS Studio. It is available for both Windows and Mac and can record any part of your screen on your computer with audio. When you want to record a video on a PC or Mac for free, you can consider using this freeware.

Besides, you can use an online service such as SurFlex Online Free Screen Recorder to record the screen on computer without any app or cost.

In short, although you can’t use Audacity to record videos on your computer, there are many workable ways available to help.

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