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Can you record a Zoom meeting on a PC?

Can you record a Zoom meeting? Get the fast answer here and learn how to record a Zoom meeting freely on your computer.

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“Can I record a Zoom meeting using a computer? I need to save the important information discussed during the meeting. Is there any recommended tool?”

You can record a Zoom meeting whether you are the host or not. If you are the meeting host, you can use the built-in Record feature. If you are not the meeting host, you can either ask for recording permission from the host or use a third-party screen recorder to record on Zoom, such as SurFlex Screen Recorder.

To record a Zoom meeting as the host:

  1. Start the meeting.
  2. Click More > Record on This Computer to start recording in Zoom.
  3. Go to Meetings > Recorded to check the video.

To record Zoom meetings without permission:

  1. Download and install SurFlex Screen Recorder on your computer.
  2. Click Settings to set up the output options.
  3. Select the recording area and choose to record System Sound.
  4. Click REC.

Using the native recording feature in Zoom is convenient. However, only the host is allowed to enable recording during the meeting. Therefore, when you want to record in Zoom when you are not the host, you will need third-party screen recorders to help.

Besides, depending on your account type, the time Zoom allows you to record a video varies. For basic and free accounts, you can only record meetings up to 40 minutes. If you wish to record on Zoom unlimitedly, you need to upgrade your plan or use other tools instead.

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