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Can PowerPoint record video?

Can your record a video on PowerPoint? Get the quick answer here and learn how to record videos on PowerPoint with simple steps.

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“I want to add a video tutorial in my PPT. Can I record a video directly on PowerPoint? Does PowerPoint provide the video recording feature?”

Yes, PowerPoint can record video. When you want to add a video to your PowerPoint file, you can go to Insert > Screen Recording > Record to create a video and add it to your PPT.

What’s more, PowerPoint allows you to record a PowerPoint presentation. If you want to record yourself presenting a PowerPoint, you can go to Slide Show > Record to record your presentation.

In short, whether you are going to add a video on PowerPoint or capture your presentation, PowerPoint offers built-in features to get it done.

There’s no doubt that you can also use a third-party screen recorder to capture videos for PowerPoint or your presentation. If you want more flexibility during the recording, using SurFlex Screen Recorder will be more suitable.

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