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Can you record Discord audio?

Read this simple guide to learn how to record Discord audio on your computer or mobile device using different ways.

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“Can I record an audio call on Discord? There is important information I want to save in the call. Is it possible to record Discord audio?”

Yes, you can record Discord audio from a call using an audio recorder. Whether you are going to capture Discord audio on your computer or phone, there are viable solutions for you.

To record Discord calls on a computer to capture audio, using Audacity is a good choice. It is freeware for audio recording and audio editing. After you capture the audio file, you can further edit it according to your needs using this tool. You can also use SurFlex Screen Recorder to record audio on your PC or Mac. It works to record system sound, microphone voice, or both. Therefore, it can fulfill your needs for recording Discord audio.

To capture Discord audio on iOS or Android, you can use Craig Bot. This Discord bot can capture audio from different voice channels and save them separately. However, it is only available for Discord server administrators or owners.

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