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Does Xbox Game Bar record audio?

Does Xbox Game Bar record audio? Check the answer here and learn how to use Xbox Game Bar to record audio, be it game audio or other types.

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“I want to record gameplay on my PC and I know there is a built-in app called Xbox Game Bar to help. But before I start, I want to ask does Xbox Game Bar record audio? Because I need to record gameplay with both the game audio and microphone sound.”

Yes, Xbox Game Bar can record audio during the screen recording. Xbox Game Bar recording allows you to record game audio only, game audio + microphone, and more. You can adjust the audio recording settings in system settings or Xbox Game Bar settings:

To change the audio recording option in Windows Settings:

Step 1. Click the Start menu and click Settings.

Step 2. Select Gaming and head to Captures.

Step 3. Go to the Recorded Audio section to change how your game and microphone are recorded.

To adjust the audio recording option in Game Bar:

Step 1. Press Windows + G to open the Game Bar.

Step 2. Click Settings and head to Widgets.

Step 3. Select the audio recording source you need.

Although Xbox Game Bar can screen record on Windows with audio, it can’t record audio only on your computer. If you only need to record audio on PC, be it system sound, microphone audio, or both, you will need a tool like SurFlex Screen Recorder. Its audio recording feature will help you record internal audio, external audio, or both on your laptop or PC, allowing you to capture any audio you need.

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