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Can you record audio on PowerPoint on Mac?

Can you record audio on PowerPoint? Check the easy answer and learn how to record audio on PowerPoint using different ways.

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“I want to add a voice-over for PowerPoint. How can I add audio to my PPT? Can I directly record audio on PowerPoint on my Mac?”

Yes, you can record audio on PowerPoint by going to Insert > Media > Audio > Record Audio. This allows you to record audio from your microphone and thus you can add voice-over to your PPT.

However, the native audio recording feature in PowerPoint can only capture microphone sound. If you wish to record sound coming from your computer, you can try a third-party audio recorder like SurFlex Screen Recorder. It can capture any type of audio, such as system sound, microphone voice, or both. It also helps to record videos for PowerPoint when you need to. If you can’t record audio on PowerPoint or need to record other types of sound rather than your voice, using a professional audio recorder is necessary.

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