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How to Record Myself on My Laptop in Windows 11, 10, and More

You will know how to record yourself on Windows 10, Windows 11, and more with easy laptop video recorder apps.

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Quick Answer:
You can record yourself on laptop using the following apps:

1. The Camera app
3. SurFlex Screen Recorder

“How do I record a video of myself on my computer?”

Windows screen recording is easy since there are both built-in and third-party video recorders available. Thus, when you want to record yourself on your laptop or PC, there are lots of solutions, including using the built-in Camera app, a third-party laptop video recorder, or a free online screen recorder.

If you are wondering “how to record myself on my laptop?”, check the easy tips below and pick up the way you like to record a video of yourself without strain.

How to Record Myself on My Laptop in Windows 10 or Windows 11

If you are going to record a video of yourself on your laptop in Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can use the Camera app, available for Windows 8, 10, and 11, to record a video on your laptop without any third-party software installation for free.

The Camera app will capture both the visuals from the integrated camera or an external camera and the audio from the microphone. Therefore, if you want to record yourself talking on your computer, it’s a perfect fit.

Step 1. Prepare the camera and make sure it functions properly.

Step 2. Open the Camera app, and click the video icon to switch to the video-taking mode.

Step 3. Click the Settings icon and go to Camera settings and Video settings to set up your recording preferences.

Step 4. When you are ready, click Take video to start recording yourself on your laptop.

Step 5. When you need to end the recording, click the Stop taking video button.

Step 6. Click the Camera roll to check the recorded video on your laptop.

Record Video with Camera App

How to Record Myself on My Laptop Online

Another equally easy way to record yourself on laptop is to use an online video recorder such as ScreenApp. It allows you to record a webcam only or record a screen with a webcam. Unlike the Camera app which can only record the external audio, ScreenApp enables you to record yourself with system sound, microphone sound, or both. Besides, it frees you from software installation. Whenever you need to screen record on Windows, you can use it to capture everything you want.

To record a video of yourself online:

Step 1. Visit ScreenApp, click Start Free, and then sign in.

Step 2. Click New Recording, click Webcam only or Screen + webcam, and then allow the site to access your webcam.

Step 3. Select the audio input option, check Start Recording Automatically, and then click Start Recording.

Step 4. When you need to end, click Stop Recording and go back to ScreenApp.

Step 5. Preview and download the recorded video to your laptop.

ScreenApp Online Screen Recorder

How to Record Myself and My Screen on My Laptop

If you want more customizable options, such as video quality, video format, and storage path, it’s advisable to try a desktop laptop video recorder like SurFlex Screen Recorder.

It provides various video recording modes, whether you want to record webcam only or record yourself and your screen at the same time, it will help. Most importantly, it allows you to configure the video output settings according to your preferences.

In a word, if you want more advanced screen recording features, using a screen recorder app is necessary.

To record yourself and your screen on a laptop:

Step 1. Open the screen recorder on your computer and click Settings to set up the output options.

Windows Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2. To record yourself and your screen on Windows with audio, enable audio recording and select the audio type you need.

Select Audio Recording Option on Windows

Step 3. Enable Webcam recording, select the webcam you’d like to use, and then choose a resolution you like.

Select Webcam Menu

Step 4. Select the screen, portion, or window you’d like to capture and adjust the size and position of the webcam. When you are ready, click REC to start recording yourself and the screen.

Select Area and Adjust Webcam

Step 5. After you capture the desired content, click Stop to end the recording and check the video in the popup window.

Recording Selected Area and Webcam

Wrapping Up

Isn’t it simple to record a video of yourself? Using an online screen recorder and SurFlex Screen Recorder is also helpful for screen recording on a laptop to capture the computer desktop, a game/app window, or any selected portion of the screen. If you need to record screen on laptop frequently, using a screen recorder app is highly recommended because it has rich features that can fulfill various video recording needs.

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