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How to Clip on Discord in 4 Ways

Read this guide and learn how to clip on Discord with either the built-in feature or a third-party screen recorder.

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You can record Discord clips with either the built-in clipping feature in Early Access for Nitro members or third-party clipping software for Discord, such as Xbox Game Bar, SurFlex Screen Recorder, or Audacity.

While streaming or watching a stream on Discord, you may come across epic moments that you’d like to capture and share. That’s likely why you’re interested in learning how to clip on Discord. Fortunately, Discord offers a Clip feature for certain users to clip their streams, and there are also numerous third-party screen recorders available for creating Discord clips. Whether you want to clip a video or audio, this guide will provide you with the necessary information to do so.

How to Clip on Discord Directly

Discord offers a built-in Clips feature designed specifically for streamers to create video clips while streaming. However, this option is currently only available to a limited number of users and is in Early Access for Nitro members. If you belong to this category, you can utilize the native clipping feature to create Discord clips. If not, don’t worry. Later in this guide, we will provide details on using third-party screen recorders as an alternative solution.

To clip on Discord:

Step 1. Go to User Settings > Clips.

Step 2. Toggle on Enable Clipping.

Step 3. Set up the Clip Length and Clipping Keybind options according to your needs.

Step 4. Choose the storage path.

Step 5. Go to your stream and press Alt + C or the keybind you set to make a Discord clip.

How to Make Discord Clips Freely

Tool: Xbox Game Bar

To freely record Discord clips on your computer, you can utilize Xbox Game Bar. This built-in screen recorder, available on Windows 10 or higher, enables you to record the currently active window using a shortcut, making it incredibly convenient for clipping on PC from Discord or other platforms.

While using Xbox Game Bar recording, you have the flexibility to customize the video frame rate, video quality, and audio recording options. In most cases, this should fulfill your clipping needs. If you prefer to screen record on Discord without using any additional apps and at no cost, Xbox Game Bar is an excellent choice.

To make Discord clips on PC:

Step 1. Go to Start > Settings > Gaming > Captures to select the video output settings.

Step 2. Head to Xbox Game Bar > Settings > Widgets to choose the audio recording option.

Step 3. Go to the Discord stream you want to clip.

Step 4. When you are ready, press Windows + Alt + R to start clipping on Discord.

Step 5. Once completed, press Windows + Alt + R to save the clip.

Step 6. Go to Videos > Captures to check the video.

Xbox Game Bar on Windows

How to Clip on Discord in Preferred Format

Tool: SurFlex Screen Recorder

Whether you want to clip a Discord stream, record Discord video calls, or capture Discord audio, SurFlex Screen Recorder is a practical solution. This video and audio recorder works to capture any content on your PC or Mac. It’s no exception when it comes to recording Discord clips. When you use it to clip on Discord, you can record part of the screen, customize the video output format, and more. What’s more, it provides an online screen recorder that enables you to record Discord stream without any cost (no watermark or time limit). If you are interested in this method, follow the steps below to have a try.

To clip on Discord:

Step 1. Launch SurFlex Screen Record and head to Settings.

Windows Screen Recorder Main Interface

Step 2. Customize the output settings for the Discord video, and then click OK.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Select to record System Sound and then choose to record the full screen or a selected region.

Select Region Drop-Down Menu

Step 4. Select the recording area and then click REC to start recording the Discord video.

Select Live Stream

Step 5. After you record the Discord video, click Stop in the control bar and check the video in the popup window.

Record Live Stream

How to Clip Audio on Discord for Free

Tool: Audacity

If you only want to capture Discord audio, you can use Audacity to accomplish this task. Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor available for both Windows and macOS, making it a simple solution for clipping audio on Discord. Once you have captured the desired Discord audio, you can utilize Audacity’s audio editing features to further refine the audio track.

To clip audio on Discord:

Step 1. Download and install Discord on your computer.

Step 2. Launch Discord and go to Audio Setup.

Step 3. Click Host and choose Windows WASAPI.

Step 4. Go to Recording Device and choose your computer speakers.

Step 5. Prepare the Discord content you’d like to record.

Step 6. Click Record in Audacity to start recording Discord audio.

Step 7. When needed, click Stop and export the audio file by going to File > Export Audio.

Audacity Export Audio

Wrapping Up

As you can see, Discord provides a native clipping feature that allows you to create Discord clips. However, if you don’t have access to this option, you can still use a third-party recorder to capture the desired video or audio files. Simply identify your specific needs and choose the most suitable method to clip on Discord.

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