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Can Audacity record desktop audio?

Can Audacity record desktop audio? Get the answer in this post and learn how to record computer audio with Audacity easily.

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“Can Audacity record computer audio? I want to record streaming audio from a website and wonder whether a free method exists. Can Audactiy help me with it?”

Yes, Audacity can successfully record desktop audio on your PC or Mac if you select the right recording device and properly set up Host settings.

Audacity is a free audio recorder that allows you to record computer audio or microphone sound on your computer. When you need to use Audacity to record desktop audio, you can select the corresponding loopback device as the recording device. Then you can record sound coming from your computer with ease.

To record computer audio with Audacity:

Step 1. Launch Audacity on your computer.

Step 2. Click Audio Setup and choose Host.

Step 3. Select Windows WASAPI.

Step 4. Choose Recording Device and select the loopback device your computer is using.

Step 5. Click Record.

If you want to record computer audio with Audacity on Mac, you need to add and set up a third-party audio driver, such as BlackHole or Soundflower, on your Mac first. That’s because Mac doesn’t have the built-in ability to record internal audio. For more details, check the guide on how to use Audacity to record computer audio on Mac.

It’s worth noting that Audacity can’t record speakers and microphone audio at the same time. If that’s what you want, you need an alternative tool like SurFlex Screen Recorder to help. Its audio recording features enable you to record internal audio, external audio, or both on your PC or Mac, making it easy to capture any audio you need.

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