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Can OBS record gameplay in high quality?

Can OBS record gameplay? You will get the quick answer here and learn how to record gameplay with OBS Studio with ease.

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“Can OBS record gameplay in a good quality? I want to record game clips for YouTube and prefer to do it for free. Is OBS good for recording gameplay on PC?”

Yes, OBS can record gameplay. It provides a Game Capture mode that is specifically designed for game recording. There are also many other recording sources you can apply to capture game clips. Whether you are going to record gaming videos only or record yourself playing a game, OBS Studio will be helpful.

To record gameplay with OBS Studio:

  1. Download and install OBS Studio on your computer.
  2. Go to File > Settings > Output/Video to set up your recording preferences.
  3. Go to Sources to add the Game Capture source.
  4. Set up the options for Game Capture and click OK.
  5. Continue adding the options you need, such as Audio Output Capture and Audio Input Capture.
  6. Click Start Recording.

OBS is not the only choice that is good for recording gameplay on your PC or laptop. Other game recorders such as GeForce Experience and FBX Game Recorder also perform well for game recording.

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