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4 Ways to Download Reddit Video with Sound

You can easily download Reddit video with audio using any of them Reddit video downloader tools introduced in this guide.

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Quick Answer:
You can download Reddit videos with sound using desktop apps, online services, and browser extensions, such as SurFast Video Downloader, SaveMP4, RapidSave, and Video Downloader Plus. When you download a video from Reddit:
1. Paste the Reddit video link to the Reddit video downloader.
2. Select the output format and quality.
3. Click Download.

Although there are many Reddit video downloader tools available, some of them only work to download Reddit videos without audio, namely muted videos, which is not wanted in most cases. If you want to download Reddit video with sound, read on and you can do it by using any Reddit video downloader with audio introduced in this guide.

Download Reddit Video with Sound in MP4

Tool: SurFast Video Downloader

Nabla Mind SurFast Video Downloader is a stable and fast Reddit video download tool for both Windows and Mac. With it installed on your computer, you can easily:

  • Download Reddit videos with sound
  • Save Reddit videos in HD, FHD, or higher
  • Convert Reddit to MP4
  • Extract audio from Reddit videos in MP3 or WAV

As you can see, whether you want to save Reddit videos with audio or download Reddit audio only, SurFast Video Downloader can do you a favor.

In addition to being a Reddit video downloader with audio, this tool works well as a versatile video downloader for various sites, such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Vimeo, and more. If you need to download online videos often, don’t miss this helpful tool.

To download a Reddit video with sound:

Step 1. Paste the Reddit video link to SurFast Video Downloader.

Launch SurFast Video Downloader and paste the video link.

Step 2. Select the video output settings and click Download.

Choose video format and quality

Step 3. When the Reddit video download is completed, click Finished to check the video.

Video Download Process

If you want to download multiple videos at once, using SurFast Video Downloader is the optimal choice.

Download Reddit Videos with Audio Online

Tool: SaveMP4

SaveMP4 is an easy and handy choice for Reddit video download with audio. This online and free Reddit downloader enables you to easily download Reddit videos with audio and save them in MP4, ensuring you can enjoy these videos across platforms and devices.

However, it doesn’t support bulk downloads. When you download multiple videos from Reddit, using such an online service will be time-consuming.

To save Reddit videos with audio:

Step 1. Copy the Reddit post URL.

Step 2. Head to SaveMP4, paste the link, and then click GO.

Step 3. Click Download MP4 to save the video to your Downloads folder.

SaveMP4 Download Reddit Video with Sound

Note: You may be redirected after clicking the Download button. If this happens, close the new page and go back to the Reddit video downloader to continue.

Download Videos from Reddit with Sound for Free

Tool: RapidSave

RapidSave is also one of the proven solutions for Reddit video download with sound. When you download a Reddit video, it can save the item in HD or SD quality. Besides, since it is available for all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, you can freely save videos from Reddit to your computer or mobile without any cost.

The only flaw is that it is loaded with ads and prompts, bothering your Reddit video download process. If you want a smooth video download solution, try SurFast Video Downloader instead.

To download a video from Reddit with sound:

Step 1. Copy the Reddit video link and head to RapidSave.

Step 2. Paste the link as required and then click Download.

Step 3. Choose Download HD Video or click SD Versions to access more download options.

Step 4. Wait for the video download to finish.

RapidSave Reddit Video Downloader

Save Reddit Videos with Audio Directly

Tool: Video Downloader Plus

The most time-saving way to download a Reddit way is to use a Reddit video downloader Chrome extension, such as Video Downloader Plus. It helps to rip Reddit videos directly from the website, without copying the URL. What’s more, it can download the video in the highest quality available. If you are going to save videos from Reddit to your computer, this add-on will be quite useful.

To save a Reddit video with audio via Chrome:

Step 1. Add Video Downloader Plus to your Chrome and pin it to the toolbar.

Step 2. Go to Reddit and sign in.

Step 3. Find the video you’d like to download and play it.

Step 4. While it’s playing, click the video download extension to access the download option.

Step 5. Click Download to save the Reddit video to your computer.

Step 6. Check the video in Downloads.

Video Downloader Plus for Chrome

Wrapping Up

It’s quite easy to download from Reddit to capture the video or audio files you need since there are many types of Reddit video downloader tools available, including desktop/mobile apps, online services, or browser extensions. Choose the way you like best to get any video you like from Reddit with sound.

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