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How to Download All SoundCloud Likes in 3 Ways

There are two ways for you to download all SoundCloud likes to your computer. Use any of them to get your favorite songs.

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Quick Answer:
To download all songs from your SoundCloud Likes, the method you use will vary depending on the device you are using. If you have an iPhone or Android device, you can subscribe to SoundCloud Go and utilize its premium features to download all your Likes to your phone simultaneously. However, if you are using a computer, you will require a workaround solution to assist you.

Can You Download All Likes on SoundCloud

Of course, you can download all Likes on SoundCloud to your computer on mobile for offline enjoyment. You can easily do it on mobile devices via a SoundCloud Go subscription. However, unlike you can download a SoundCloud playlist or album all at once, downloading all SoundCloud Likes on a computer doesn’t have a direct solution to get it done. Instead, you need to try workaround ways to get your favorite songs from SoundCloud. If that’s what you are interested in, read on to check the details.

How to Download SoundCloud Likes on Mobile Device

Tool: The SoundCloud app

If you want to download songs from your Likes on your mobile phone or tablet, the easiest way is to subscribe to SoundCloud Go. By subscribing to the premium service, you will be able to download all your SoundCloud Likes to your iPhone or Android using the Download feature provided in the app. Simply go to your Likes and click the Download button next to ‘Shuffle’ to save all the songs in bulk.

How to Download All SoundCloud Likes at Once

Tools: SurFast Video Downloader

If you want to download all of your SoundCloud Likes at once, you can add your liked songs to a playlist and then use a SoundCloud playlist downloader to download all these songs to your computer. After adding all your liked songs to a playlist, you can get the playlist link and let SurFast Video Downloader do the rest. This is the most effective workaround to download all your SoundCloud Likes in bulk.

To add your Likes to a public playlist:

Step 1. Go to Library> Likes.

Step 2. Hover over the song you want to download, click the three dots, choose Add to Playlist, and then add it to a new or existing playlist.

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 to add all your Likes to the playlist.

Step 4. Now you to Library > Playlists, click the playlist that contains your liked songs, and copy its URL.

Add SoundCloud Likes to Playlist

To download all Likes on SoundCloud:

Step 1. Copy the SoundCloud playlist URL, open SurFast Video Downloader, and press Ctrl + V.

SurFast Video Downloader Interface

Step 2. After the app loads the playlist, select the songs you want to download, select the output format and quality, set the storage folder, and then click Download.

Select Output Format for the Music Playlist

Step 3. Wait for the SoundCloud playlist download process to finish and then check the songs in the Finished panel.

Music Playlist Download Process

How to Download All Likes on SoundCloud in Bulk

Tool: JDownloader

Another way to download all your SoundCloud Likes is to copy all the SoudCloud song URLs and then use a bulk downloader like JDownloader to download all links at once. JDownloader is a free media downloader that helps to download audio, videos, and even images from various websites, including SoundCloud. When you use it as a SoundCloud downloader, it allows you to download a single link or multiple links at once and will download SoundCloud to MP3. It is also a SoundCloud playlist downloader that works to download a SoundCloud playlist or album. If you prefer a free solution, JDownloader is a worthwhile choice.

To download all likes on SoundCloud in bulk:

Step 1. Download and install JDownloader on your computer.

Step 2. Copy all SoundCloud Likes links.

Step 3. Open JDownloader, click Add New Links to let JDownloader get all links in your clipboard and then click Continue.

Step 4. Wait for JDownloader to load the links and go to the LinkGrabber panel.

Step 5. Use Ctrl + A to select all the songs, right-click on any of the items, and choose Start All Downloads.

Step 6. Go to the Downloads panel to check the SoundCloud music.


Wrapping Up

While there are no direct methods to download all your SoundCloud likes at once, there are effective workarounds available to download multiple songs from SoundCloud to your computer and save time. Take a closer look at the detailed proven methods and choose the one you prefer to effortlessly obtain your desired songs.

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