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How to Download from 9Anime | Real-Working

You will know how to download from 9Anime to download anime episodes you like to your computer. Read on to check the proven ways in detail.

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Quick Answer:
You can download anime episodes from 9Anime by extracting the M3U8 file URL of the streaming video using Video DownloadHelper first and then downloading the 9Anime video via the link using JDownloader or SaveTheVideo.

Can You Download from 9Anime

In the past, you could download from 9Anime using two of the four server hosts available: Vidstream and Mp4upload. By selecting either of these server hosts, you can access the download option and save the current video. However, the download feature is no longer available for these hosts, making it impossible to download 9Anime videos directly. Fortunately, there are third-party anime video downloaders available that can help with this. In the following paragraphs, I will provide two tested and proven solutions for successfully downloading 9Anime episodes. If you are interested in learning how to download from 9Anime, continue reading for more details.

Preparation: Get the Anime Video Link

Before you begin, it is essential to obtain the video link of the anime you wish to save, and this can be accomplished using Video DownloadHelper. This tool assists in extracting the M3U8 file URL, which comprises the URLs or file paths to the anime segments, along with additional metadata like duration and encryption information. Most importantly, having the M3U8 file address will enable you to easily download anime from 9Anime using a 9Anime video downloader.

Note: Although Video DownloadHelper itself supports downloading 9Anime videos, it requires a companion app to complete the video download. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this extension for video downloads.

To get the 9Anime video link:

Step 1. Add Video DownloadHelper to your browser and pin it to the toolbar.

Step 2. Open a new tab and visit

Step 3. Search for the anime you want to download and click to play the video.

Step 4. While it’s playing, click Video DownloadHelper, hover over any of the options (according to the video resolution you need), and then click More.

Step 5. Choose Copy URL.

Copy URL via Video DownloadHelper

Now you have copied the correct 9Anime video link, you can use it to download the anime you like with the help of a 9Anime downloader.

How to Download Anime from 9Anime for Free

Tool: JDownloader

JDownloader is a proven 9Anime downloader that enables you to convert 9Anime to MP4 in 1080p, 720p, and more. This free download manager works quickly and stably to download from 9Anime. If you want to download a movie or episode in high quality, using this tool will be more efficient and time-saving.

To download anime from 9Anime for free

Step 1. Download and install JDownloader on your computer.

Step 2. Open JDownloader, click Add New Links, paste the 9Anime video link into the address box, and then click Continue.

Step 3. Go to LinkGrabber, right-click the loaded folder, and then choose Start Downloads.

Step 4. Go to Downloads to check the video.


JDownloader is a download manager that supports various sites. If you want an app to download videos from websites, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

How to Download 9Anime Videos Online

Tool: SaveTheVideo

SaveTheVideo is another 9Anime downloader that supports the M3U8 link. It helps to download 9Anime videos in high quality or convert 9Anime videos to other video or audio formats, such as FLV, WebM, OGG, MKV, MP3, M4A, AAC, and more. Whether you want to download 9Anime to MP4 or convert it to other formats, it will serve you well.

However, since SaveTheVideo is an online service, it is not as stable or fast as the desktop 9Anime video downloader, JDownloader. Therefore, if you take download speed as the top priority, it’s advisable to use freeware for the computer.

To download 9Anime videos online:

Step 1. Paste the 9Anime video link to SaveTheVideo and click Start.

Step 2. Select the MP4 output option and click Start Download.

Step 3. Wait for the website to load the video and click Download MP4 to start downloading the anime to your computer.

Step 4. Check the video in the Downloads folder.

SaveTheVideo Dailymotion Video Downloader

Whenever you need to download streaming videos online, you can use this web-based tool to have a try.

Note: If the extracted link doesn’t work, you can switch to another server host in 9Anime, copy the video URL again, and then use the new URL to have a try.

Wrapping Up

Another 100% working way to capture anime from 9Anime on your device is to use a video recorder. By using such a tool, you can record videos from websites such as 9Anime, Crunchyroll, and more, allowing you to capture any video you like and save the video in your preferred format and quality. If you are interested in this method, you can try SurFlex Screen Recorder, which is available for both PC and Mac.

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