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Download Vimeo Videos via Chrome: 4 Best Picks

Get the Vimeo downloader Chrome extensions here to download Vimeo videos via Chrome online for free. Pick up the one you like best to apply.

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Quick Answer:
There are three real-working Vimeo downloader Chrome extensions for you:

1. Video Downloader VeeVee
2. Vimeogo Simple Vimeo Downloader
3. Video Downloader Professional

Using a Vimeo downloader Chrome extension makes it easy for you to download Vimeo videos via Chrome without leaving the Vimeo website. Besides, it also frees you from manually copying the URL or downloading any software, making it easy and straightforward for you to rip Vimeo videos.

However, since many Vimeo video downloader Chrome extensions that worked before are now banned or fail to work, I also provide three real-working online Vimeo downloaders for Chrome so that you can successfully obtain your desired videos from Vimeo.

Free Vimeo Downloader Extension: Video Downloader VeeVee

Video Downloader VeeVee is a Vimeo downloader extension that is available for both Chrome and Firefox. Whether you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can all use this Vimeo download extension to download Vimeo videos on Mac or PC in high quality, including 1080p, 2K, and 4K (if available).

Most importantly, it is completely free to use, with this Vimeo video downloader Chrome extension, you will be able to download Vimeo videos to computer, be it Mac or PC, at no cost. Therefore, if you want to Vimeo downloader Firefox add-on, I will also list it as a recommendation.

To download Vimeo videos via Chrome:

Step 1. Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for Video Downloader VeeVee, add it to your browser, and then pin it to your toolbar.

Step 2. Visit using Chrome and sign in.

Step 3. Find and play the video you’d like to save.

Step 4. Click the icon of the Vimeo downloader and click Download to start downloading the Vimeo video to your Chrome.

Step 5. When it has been done, click Go to files to view the downloaded Vimeo video.

Video Downloader VeeVee Browser Extension

Paid Vimeo Video Downloader Chrome Extension: VimeoGo Simple Downloader

VimeoGo Simple Downloader is a popular Vimeo video downloader extension in Chrome that has many users. It enables you to download Vimeo videos, download Vimeo videos without sound, and download Vimeo audio only. You can use it to download embedded and private Vimeo videos, including subtitles. When you download a Vimeo video, you can choose among different video quality levels, including 720p, 1080p, and more.

However, downloading Vimeo videos (with audio) and other advanced features are for paid users ($2.99 per month). If you want to use the free version, you can only download muted Vimeo videos and audio separately. Afterward, you need to attach audio to the video manually so that you can enjoy the full video.

This simple Vimeo downloader will add an embedded download button on the Vimeo page, enabling you to download Vimeo videos via Chrome easily.

To download Vimeo videos via Chrome video downloader:

Step 1. Add Vimeogo to your Chrome browser and restart it.

Step 2. Visit the Vimeo site and play the video you want to download to your computer.

Step 3. Then you will see a blue download button under the video. Click it to load all the download options.

Step 4. Click the option to like to save it to Chrome. Then you can find it in the Downloads folder on your computer.

Vimeogo Simple Vimeo Downloader

Easy Vimeo Downloader Extension – Video Downloader Professional

Video Downloader Professional is a video downloader extension available for Chrome that supports multiple sites, including Vimeo. Thus, you can download Vimeo videos via Chrome using this Vimeo download extension. It provides a smooth and easy process for you to save Vimeo videos to your computer.

However, although it offers multiple download options for a Vimeo video, it only displays the video site and doesn’t show the video resolution. As a result, you won’t know the video quality beforehand. If you are looking for a Vimeo HD downloader to download videos in 720p, you might be uncertain about whether it supports 720p video downloads or not.

While if you don’t have a specific requirement for video quality, using Video Downloader Professional is an easy solution to download Vimeo to MP4 for free.

To save Vimeo videos via Chrome:

Step 1. Add Video Downloader Professional to your Chrome and pin it to the toolbar.

Step 2. Go to the Vimeo website and play the target video.

Step 3. Click the icon of the Vimeo downloader Chrome extension to expand all download options.

Step 4. Click Download next to the option you need to start the Vimeo video download.

Note: The larger the file size, the better the video quality.

Video Downloader Professional for Chrome

Bonus: Vimeo Downloader Chrome Extension Alternatives

After trying out around twenty Vimeo video downloader Chrome extensions, I realized that there are very few options that actually work well. Some of them can load the videos on the page, but the downloaded files are only a few kilobytes in size, and the player throws errors. Others claim to support Vimeo video downloads but fail to detect the videos on the page at all. Therefore, I believe it is necessary to recommend some alternative tools to help you obtain the videos you desire.

Online Vimeo Downloader for Chrome – YouTube 4K Downloader

Using an online Vimeo video downloader is equally easy. All you need is to copy the video URL. If you are willing to use such a method, using the free Vimeo downloader – YouTube 4K Downloader is highly recommended. It is easy to use and won’t interrupt you with ads and redirections. Most importantly, it has powerful features that enable you to download Vimeo links in various video and audio formats and quality levels. Whether you want to convert Vimeo to MP4 in 2K or download Vimeo to MP3 320kbps, it will help.

Bulk Vimeo video Downloader – SurFast Video Downloader

Online video downloader sites are also unstable and may be easily banned by Google Chrome. If that happens, using a desktop-based video downloader such as SurFast Video Downloader is the optimal choice. It is more stable and faster than web-based tools. Additionally, it offers a feature that is missing in all online Vimeo downloader tools – bulk download. If you wish to download multiple Vimeo videos and save time, using such a bulk downloader is advisable.

Whenever you need to download Vimeo videos not available for download, using one of the tools mentioned above will help.

Download Vimeo Videos Chrome: FAQs

When you download Vimeo videos via Chrome, you may also want to know:

What is the best Vimeo downloader for Chrome?

After some trials, I think the best Vimeo downloader for Chrome is Video Downloader VeeVee. It is free, simple, and smooth to use, enabling you to download Vimeo videos via Chrome without strain.

How to download Vimeo videos for free?

To download Vimeo videos for free, there are some online services for you to choose from:
1. SaveVideo
2. SaveTube
3. TubeRipper
4. Video Downloader Professional for Chrome

How to download non-downloadable videos from Vimeo?

To download non-downloadable videos from Vimeo, you can use SurFast Video Downloader. This Vimeo video downloader helps to save videos from Vimeo to your Mac or PC with ease:
1. Paste the video link to SurFast Video Downloader.
2. Select the video format, video quality, and storage folder.
3. Click Download.

Wrapping Up

It’s undeniable that using a Vimeo downloader Chrome extension to download Vimeo videos is the easiest way to obtain your favorite videos. However, the options for Vimeo download extensions are becoming fewer and fewer, making it difficult to find a satisfactory one. Therefore, it is recommended that you explore alternative types of Vimeo video downloaders, such as online services and desktop tools.

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