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Vimeo to MP3: Convert Vimeo to MP3 in 4 Ways

Whenever you need to convert Vimeo to MP3 to extract audio from Vimeo videos, you can use the free and online tips here to get it done.

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Quick Answer:
You can convert Vimeo to MP3 using one of the following Vimeo to MP3 converter tools:

1. YouTube 4K Downloader
2. SaveTube
3. TubeRipper
4. 4K YouTube Downloader

In addition to converting Vimeo to MP4, you may also need to download Vimeo to MP3 to extract audio from Vimeo videos for offline use. Whether you are looking for a Vimeo to MP3 converter for Mac or PC, you will find the tool you need to download audio from Vimeo without strain. Read on to check the tested and real-working tools below:

Convert Vimeo to MP3 Online

Tool: YouTube 4K Downloader

If you ever need to download Vimeo videos or audio online, my top recommendation is YouTube 4K Downloader. It offers a seamless and straightforward process for converting Vimeo to MP3 in 320kbps, 196kbps, and more. Additionally, it provides other audio formats for you to download audio from Vimeo freely, allowing you to download Vimeo audio for use on various devices and applications.

If you are looking for a Vimeo video converter for your Mac, this could be a good choice since it is compatible with various platforms.

To convert Vimeo to MP3 online:

Step 1. Prepare the Vimeo video link.

Step 2. Go to YouTube 4K Downloader, copy and paste the link into the address field. and then wait for the website to generate the download links.

Step 3. Scroll download to the Download Sound Only section.

Step 4. Find the MP3 option and the audio quality you need. Then click Download next to the option.

YouTube 4K Downloader - Download Sound Only

In the Download Video section, you can get videos in HD or higher. If you want a Vimeo HD downloader, it is also a good solution for you to download Vimeo videos on Mac or PC.

Download Audio from Vimeo for Free

Tool: SaveTube

Another equally capable online Vimeo to MP3 converter is SaveTube. In terms of features and interface, it is very similar to YouTube 4K Downloader, so you can consider it a backup option if the former fails to work. You can use this tool to extract Vimeo audio in case the former tool fails.

In addition to Vimeo, this online video downloader also supports other sites like Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and more, making it easy for you to download videos from the Internet.

To download Vimeo to MP3 via SaveTube:

Step 1. Get the Vimeo link.

Step 2. Visit Save.Tube Online Video Downloader and then paste the link into the URL field.

Step 3. After the website fetches the links, scroll down and click Audio.

Step 4. Now you can see MP3 download options in different bitrate levels. Click Download next to the option you prefer to start downloading Vimeo audio.

SaveTube Download Audio

SaveTube also provides video download options, making it easy for you to download Vimeo videos on PC or Mac.

Download Vimeo to MP3 Easily

Tool: TubeRipper

The last online Vimeo converter I recommend is TubeRipper. I have mentioned it in many articles related to audio and video downloads. It has no ads or redirects, allowing you to successfully extract Vimeo audio without interruption. Whether you want to convert Vimeo to MP4 or download Vimeo to MP3, it can help you achieve your goal. It also supports multiple platforms, so it is a solution whether you want to convert Vimeo videos to audio on a Mac, PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

To download Vimeo to MP3:

Step 1. Copy the Vimeo video link.

Step 2. Visit using a browser, paste the link, and then click the Continue icon.

Step 3. When you see the download options, click the triangle next to the Extract Audio option.

Step 4. Click MP3 to start converting and downloading the Vimeo audio.

TubeRipper YouTube to Audio Options

Convert Vimeo to MP3 Safely

Tool: 4K Video Downloader

While it’s undeniable that using an online Vimeo to MP4 converter is a simple and straightforward solution for downloading audio from Vimeo, such tools have a “fatal” downside – they can be unstable. They may be easily blocked by the browser for unexpected reasons. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a desktop-based Vimeo to MP3 converter so that you can download Vimeo audio whenever you need it.

The Vimeo to MP3 converter for Mac, Windows, and Android that really works is 4K Video Downloader. It enables you to convert Vimeo to audio in MP3, M4A, and OGG directly. Besides, the Smart Mode makes it easy to download files in bulk. If you want a time-saving way to extract Vimeo audio, using 4K Video Downloader is the optimal choice.

To convert Vimeo to MP3 with 4K Video Downloader:

Step 1. Copy the URL of the Vimeo video.

Step 2. Launch 4K Video Downloader and click Paste Link.

Step 3. Select Extract Audio and select MP3 as the output format.

Step 4. Set the storage path and click Extract.

4K Video Downloader - Vimeo to MP3

Vimeo to MP3: FAQs

When you convert Vimeo videos to audio, you may also want to know:

How to convert Vimeo to MP4 online?

You can download Vimeo to MP4 online using
Visit, paste the video link, and click Download.
Check the download options and select the one you need.
Click Download video file.

How to convert Vimeo to M4A?

TubeRipper is an online Vimeo to audio converter that will help you convert Vimeo to M4A online for free:
Go to TubeRipper, paste the Vimeo link, and then click the GO icon.
Click the button next to Extract Audio.
From the drop-down menu, click M4A to start downloading Vimeo to M4A.

How to download Vimeo to MP3 in 320kbps?

Both YouTube 4K Downloader and SaveTube allow you to download Vimeo audio in 320kbps. You can use either of them to download Vimeo to high-quality MP3.

Wrapping Up

When you search for Vimeo to MP3 converters, some of the top-ranking tools are either useless or filled with various ads and pop-ups. Therefore, I sincerely recommend using tools that I have personally tested so that you can download audio from Vimeo successfully and save your time.

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