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3 Easy Ways to Convert Newgrounds to MP3

Whether you want to convert videos from Newgrounds to MP3 or download Newground audio in MP3, you can apply the tips in this guide.

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You can convert Newgrounds to MP3 by directly using the native audio download feature on the website or extracting audio from Newgrounds videos using Video Downloader Professional or TubeRipper.

When it comes to converting Newgrounds to MP3, you may have two objectives: extracting audio from Newgrounds videos or downloading Newgrounds audio. Fortunately, there are simple and reliable solutions available for both scenarios. If you are unsure about how to download Newgrounds audio in your preferred format, continue reading, and you will find the answers you seek.

Download Newgrounds Audio from Its Website

Unlike many other audio streaming sites, Newgrounds offers a built-in download feature, making it effortless to download Newgrounds audio files. Importantly, the downloaded audio files are conveniently saved in MP3 format by default, aligning perfectly with your objective of downloading Newgrounds audio. Therefore, the easiest way to download Newgrounds to MP3 is to utilize the native download option.

To download Newground audio to MP3:

Step 1. Head to the Newgrounds website.

Step 2. Click Audio and search for the audio file you want to save.

Step 3. Click the target audio file to play it.

Step 4. Click the Download icon to save the Newgrounds audio to MP3.

Download Newgrounds Audio

Download Newgrounds to MP3 via Chrome

Tool: Video Downloader Professional

Whether you are going to download Newgrounds videos to MP4 or download Newgrounds audio to MP3, Video Downloader Professional is a practical solution. It offers download options from the toolbar and allows you to download video or audio from Newgrounds without leaving the website or copying the URL.

Furthermore, Video Downloader Professional supports numerous other websites in addition to Newgrounds. If you wish to download streaming audio or video from various sites, this tool will prove to be highly beneficial.

To download Newground audio via Chrome:

Step 1. Add Video Downloader Professional to your Chrome and pin it to the toolbar.

Step 2. Head to Newgrounds > Audio and play the file you want to save.

Step 3. Click Video Downloader Professional and click Download.

Step 4. Wait for the audio download to finish and then check the MP3 file in Downloads.

Video Download Professional Download Audio

Download Newgrounds Videos to MP3

If you are seeking to convert videos from Newgrounds to audio, you will need a third-party Newgrounds to MP3 converter like TubeRipper. TubeRipper is capable of extracting both video and audio files from a provided Newgrounds link, allowing you to conveniently download Newgrounds videos in MP4 format or convert them to MP3 without any complications. Additionally, TubeRipper supports other audio formats such as FLAC, OGG, and WAV. So, if you find the need to convert Newgrounds to these formats in the future, TubeRipper can still be utilized to accomplish the task.

To download videos from Newgrounds to MP3:

Step 1. Copy the Newgrounds video link.

Step 2. Head to TubeRipper, paste the URL, and then click the Go icon.

Step 3. Click Extract Audio to save the MP3 file to your Downloads folder.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, when it comes to saving Newgrounds audio, utilizing the built-in download option is the recommended method to accomplish the task. On the other hand, if you wish to extract audio from a Newgrounds video, you will need the assistance of a third-party Newgrounds to MP3 converter, which is also a straightforward process.

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