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Why does my screen recording not have sound?

You will know why there is no sound in your screen recordings on your computer or mobile and how to fix the issue on your device.

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“I want to record myself presenting a PowerPoint so that I can upload the video for sharing. Why does my screen recording not have sound? It doesn’t capture the audio I need.”

There are the possible reasons why your screen recording doesn’t have sound:

For Mac users:

Mac doesn’t have built-in support for recording system audio. Therefore, the native screen recorder on Mac, such as QuickTime Player, won’t screen record on Mac with internal audio by default. That’s probably why you don’t hear any audio in the recording.

For PC users:

PC can record both internal and internal audio, as long as you have set up the audio recording option properly. Therefore, when your screen recording has no sound, you need to check the recording settings. Depending on the screen recorder you use, the steps vary. If you use the preinstalled Xbox Game Bar, you can go to Xbox Game Bar (Windows + G) > Settings > Widgets to check the audio option.

For mobile device users:

The screen recorder on your phone will record your screen and the internal audio by default. If enabled, you can capture the microphone voice as well. However, some apps disallow for audio recording, such as music streaming apps. That’s probably why your screen recording has no sound.

Other common reasons include:

  • You don’t select the correct audio recording source.
  • You don’t set the audio volume well.
  • There is something wrong with the microphone connection or microphone you use.

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