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Can OBS record in 4K quality?

Can OBS record in 4K? Get the answer immediately and learn how to record in 4K with OBS in detail in this post.

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“I want to make a 4K video for sharing on YouTube and wonder whether OBS can help me with it. Can OBS record in 4K quality?”

Yes, OBS Studio can record videos in 4K quality. But it’s not enough to only have OBS Studio. To record 4K videos, you need to meet two basic requirements:

  • The screen recorder software supports 4K video recording.
  • Your video capture device, the webcam or monitor, supports 4K video resolution.

Therefore, as long as your video capture device allows for 4K quality, you can successfully record 4K videos with OBS Studio.

In addition to OBS Studio, there are other screen recording programs that support 4K recording. SurFlex Screen Recorder is one of them. It helps to record videos at 60fps in 4K and more, ensuring you can create recordings in high video resolutions.

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