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4K Video Downloader Alternatives for Downloading Videos

Check the best 4K Video Downloader alternatives. From SurFast Video Downloader to VideoProc, find the perfect tool for video download.

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These are the alternatives to 4K Video Downloader for downloading videos or audio from the internet:

  1. SurFast Video Downloader
  2. iTubeGo
  3. YTD Video Downloader
  4. CleverGet Video Downloader
  5. MediaHuman YouTube Downloader
  6. SnapDownloader
  7. VideoProc

While 4K Video Downloader is a powerful tool, it might lack certain features that you desire. That’s probably why you are looking for alternatives to 4K Video Downloader. If you’re looking beyond 4K Video Downloader for your next audio or video download, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through a selection of top-notch 4K Video Downloader alternatives, each with its suite of features designed to enhance your video downloading experience.

SurFast Video Downloader

SurFast Video Downloader is a powerhouse for high-speed video downloading. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, it shines with its ability to download 4K and even 8K videos with a simple interface that’s easy to navigate. It also supports batch downloads, making it a favorite for users with large libraries. In addition to common video or audio download features, SurFast Video Downloader has advanced features such as:

  • Clipping and downloading video or audio
  • Downloading only subtitles or thumbnails
  • Merging videos and subtitles
  • Convert video to MP4, WebM, AVI, FLV…
  • Convert audio to MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, AAC, OGG…
Launch SurFast Video Downloader and paste the video link.


iTubeGo is a versatile download manager that works on both Windows and Mac. It can download 4K videos and convert them to various formats. Its built-in browser simplifies the search and download process. Notably, it’s user-friendly, making it suitable for all levels of tech proficiency.

iTubeGo Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader is a powerful software that provides users with various features to download videos from the internet. One of its primary functions is the ability to download videos from popular online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. Whether it’s a tutorial, music video, or entertaining clip, users can easily save their favorite videos for offline viewing.

YTD Video Downloader Interface

CleverGet Video Downloader

CleverGet Video Downloader (Formerly Leawo Video Downloader) is a handy software that allows you to download videos from a wide range of popular platforms. With this 4K Video Downloader alternative, users can effortlessly download videos in up to 8K resolution, including short videos, playlists, channels, music videos, movies, TV shows, and even live videos. The software supports platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and many more, ensuring a vast selection of videos to choose from.

CleverGet Video Downloader

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a feature-rich software designed for all modern platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. It enables users to download videos from YouTube and other platforms. It supports Ultra High resolutions, downloads entire playlists and channels, and allows simultaneous downloading of multiple videos. You can also extract audio tracks as MP3 files and export downloaded content to iTunes/ With its user-friendly interface and versatile functionality, MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a convenient tool for accessing and enjoying online videos and is one of the best 4K Video Downloader alternatives.

MediaHuman Download Video


SnapDownloader, available for both Windows and macOS, is applauded for its simplicity and speed. It is a comprehensive video downloading solution enabling users to capture video content from countless online platforms, supporting resolutions up to 8K. It facilitates the easy download of single videos, entire playlists, or channels from popular sites like YouTube, along with social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

With SnapDownloader, users can also extract audio from videos, convert downloaded content into various formats, and enjoy fast download speeds for an efficient experience. The tool incorporates a clean, user-friendly interface making it simple for everyone to use, and regularly updates to accommodate new websites and features, ensuring an up-to-date downloading service.

When you want a tool similar to 4K Video Downloader, SnapDownloader deserves your attention.



VideoProc is primarily for video processing, offering not just downloading but also editing and converting capabilities. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and can handle 4K video downloads from multiple platforms. Its editing tools make it a versatile choice for users who want more than just downloading.


4K Video Downloader Alternatives: Pros & Cons

Each alternative brings unique advantages for video downloads:

  • SurFast Video Downloader and VideoProc stand out for their speed and comprehensive feature set.
  • iTubeGo and YTD Downloader offer a balance of functionality and ease of use, making them accessible to a broad audience.
  • CleverGet Video Downloader and MediaHuman YouTube Downloader cater to users looking for platform-specific solutions, while SnapDownloader’s simplicity is its main draw.

When considering which 4K Video Downloader alternative to choose, think about your specific needs. If you’re after speed and advanced features, SurFast Video Downloader and VideoProc are top contenders. For Mac users, MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a solid, no-frills option. And for those who value simplicity in both interface and operation, SnapDownloader is a great choice.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right 4K Video Downloader alternative is a personal decision based on your preferences and requirements. The video downloading tools listed here each offer a different blend of features and user experience, ensuring there’s an option for every user. Whether you prioritize speed, simplicity, or advanced functionality, you can find a suitable app here.

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